BitLife just received a brand new update that lets you, amongst many other things, commit burglary. This is a nice (read: evil) new way to earn yourself a little extra dough on the side.

Committing burglary is easy, but getting away with it? That’s a different story altogether. It takes the form of a Pac-Man-style mini-game in which you have to collect a bunch of items before the owner of the home catches you.

The more items you collect, the more you earn in this fun little minigame. To help you earn the big bucks, we’re going to provide a few tips and tricks below that will make burglary a breeze.

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How do I commit burglary in BitLife?

Committing burglary is super easy in BitLife. Simply open up the ‘Activities’ tab, hit ‘Crime’, then tap ‘Burglary’ to be transported to the minigame.

You can then select different victim types to burgle from, including local politicians, hipsters, and a bus driver.

Though we haven’t tested this extensively, we presume that robbing a politician will be more difficult than a bus driver but the politician will likely have more items of monetary value.

How does the burglary minigame work?

Basically exactly like Pac-Man. Your character’s face will appear on a simple maze and you can move them around the house using the arrows at the bottom of the screen.

Once you’ve pressed an arrow at the beginning, your character will continue to move in that direction until you hit a wall or press the arrow in another direction.

Meanwhile, the owner and perhaps a pet or two will wander around the house and you have to try and avoid them. These guys wander at random until one of them spots you (basically you enter their line of site) at which point they will chase you down.

It might actually be more worthwhile to get these guys to spot you, as it’s easier to predict where they’ll go next.

To steal an item, simply step over it. You won’t actually receive it unless you exit the house without getting caught though, so bear that in mind.

What happens if I get caught while burgling?

Obviously the owner will press charges and you’ll face a hefty fine and/or a lengthy stay in prison. We’re not sure if the punishment is more severe depending on how many items you had in your possession.

Then, it’s just a case of going through court to try and get a lesser sentence and whatnot.