One thing to mention, with the release of BitLife on Android we have had a look back through our list and added some tips to help you out. Some of these achievements are easy and simple, others require blind luck or dedication.

Up to this point, you’ve probably been spending most of your BitLife chasing ribbons like a crazy cat. These are, effectively, rewards for living a certain way in Candywriter’s smash hit life simulator.

But did you know there’s a massive achievement system lurking under the surface? You’d be forgiven for missing it up to this point, as it was really difficult to locate.

Thanks to the latest update though, Candywriter has added the list of achievements to the main menu and spruced them up a bit so they’re nicer to browse.

Now, all you need is to know how to achieve them. That’s where we come in, with this gigantic list of all of the achievements in the game and what you have to do to get them.

If you’re looking for something else, check out our complete guide to BitLife. It includes links to all of our other guides, where we’ve covered pretty much every aspect of this awesome game.

BitLife achievements list

  • Complete a Life

Complete a full life

  • Octogenerian

See your 80th birthday

  • Nonagenerian

See your 90th birthday

  • Centenarian

See your 100th birthday

  • Super-centenarian

See your 110th birthday

  • Mega-centenarian

See your 120th birthday

Tips: We’ve written a guide on how to live past 100, which should help you with the long life achievements.

  • Millionaire

Become a millionaire

  • My Second Million

Achieve a net worth of $2m

  • Multimillionaire

Achieve a net worth of $10m

  • Rich

Achieve a net worth of $20m

  • Super Rich

Achieve a net worth of $50m

  • Stinking Rich

Achieve a net worth of $100m

Tips: We’ve written a guide on how to make loads of money, which should help you with money-related achievements.

  • Career Military

Serve your full career in the military

  • General

Achieve the rank of general in the military

  • Admiral

Achieve the rank of admiral in the military

  • Absent Without Leave

Go AWOL in the military

  • Dentist

Become a dentist

Got to Dental School

  • Doctor

Become a doctor

Got to Medical School

  • Lawyer

Become a lawyer

Got to Law School

  • Judge

Become a judge

Got to Law School

  • CEO

Become a CEO

Got to Business School

  • Actor

Become an actor

Have good looks and study arts/drama (will probably need to be a voice actor first)

  • Airline Captain

Become an airline captain

Study engineering or something computer related at university, become a Pilot Trainee and wait.

  • Fire Chief

Become a fire chief

Tips: We’ve written a list of the best paying jobs and how to get them as well as a list of schools and how to get into them. That should help you get the vast majority of the above achievements.

  • Social Media

Join social media

  • Social Media Sharer

Post on social media

  • Social Media Oversharer

Post 5 times on social media in one life

  • Social Media Star

Get a million followers on social media

Be good looking and post as many times as you can.

Tips: Our guide on how to be a superstar will help you with the social media achievements.

  • Moviegoer

Go to a movie

  • Movie Junkie

Go to 5 movies in one life

  • Naughty Child

Get expelled from school

Tips: Basically, do as many bad things as possible while you’re between the ages of 5 – 17 and you run the risk of getting expelled. That includes accepting drugs and getting into fights.

  • Instigator

Start a prison riot

  • Justice

Get freed from prison by appeal

  • Escape Artist

Escape from prison

  • Midnight Express

Get sentenced to Turkish prison

Tips: Our guides on how to get the Scandalous Ribbon, how to escape from jail, and how to get the Jailbird Ribbon can help you with any prison-related achievements.

  • There’s Always Canada

Emigrate to Canada

  • Say Goodbye to Hollywood

Get deported from the United States

Tips: Start a life in another country, move illegally to the US, and commit a crime to get deported.

  • Abort x10

Have 10 abortions in one life

  • Fabulously Fertile

Have 10 children in one life

Tips: Our guide on how to get the Fertile Ribbon can help you with this achievement.

  • Multigamist

Get married 10 times in one life

  • Stud

Have 100 lovers in a single life

Tips: Our guide to the Lustful Ribbon can help with this achievement.

  • Hungry Hippo

Get killed by a hippopotamus

Tips: When you find a hippopotamus in the wild, run away and it will kill you.

  • Gorilla and the Fist

Get decapitated by a gorilla

Tips: Attempt to save the stranger being attacked by a gorilla and he will punch your head off.

  • Animal Rescue

Rescue an animal

  • Lion Tamer

Rescue a lion

Tips: Rescuing animals is a random event, so be patient until you get the opportunity. Oh, and don’t be ashamed if you accidentally get eaten when rescuing an animal. It happens.

  • Hero

Save someone’s life

Tips: Our guide on how to get the Hero Ribbon can help you with this achievement.

  • Lambo

Buy a Lamborghini

  • Car Collector

Assemble a car collection worth $1m

  • Real Estate Mogul

Purchase real estate worth $1m

  • Trailer Party

Throw a party in a trailer

  • Mansion Party

Throw a party in a mansion

Tips: Buy the relevant property and you can throw a party at it, unlocking these achievements.

  • Jackpot

Win the lottery jackpot

Tips: Our guide on how to win the lottery can help you with this achievement.

  • Bubonic Plague

Contract the bubonic plague

  • Foam at the Mouth

Contract rabies

Tips: We’ve written a guide on how to get the Unlucky Ribbon, which should help with these achievements.

  • Booty Call

Have a successful Brazilian butt lift

Go to the more expensive doctor for a higher chance of success.

  • Ultimate Betrayal

Your spouse leaves you following a sex change

  • Snake Snack

Eat a snake

  • Successful Rehab

Have an addiction cured at a rehab center

Tips: Our guide on how to be an addict can help you get the addiction in the first place, then just head on over to rehab.

  • Medieval Attack

Get attacked with a medieval weapon

  • Witchcraft

Get cured of a disease by the witch doctor

  • Winnipeg, Eh?

Visit Winnipeg on vacation

  • Cliff Diver

Go cliff diving

  • Skeezy

Get called “skeezy”