Fabulous Angela is a series that has spawned many titles, all starring – you guessed it – a woman called Angela. She’s experienced wedding disasters, fashion fevers, and much more besides.

In True Colors she finds herself in control of a fashion boutique, and must work hard to make the shop a success. She does this by coming up with new clothes ideas, but mainly by repeating the same tasks over and over – namely helping customers fit into clothes and ensuring you keep enough clothes and items in stock for your clients to buy.

  • Dress it up Learn quickly which type of items people want depending on where they are. If they want shoes they’ll be in the chair in the bottom left of the screen for instance, and if it’s a dress they have their eye on they’ll make a beeline for the booth and the top.
  • Location location Bear in mind that the layout will change as you progress, but the rule above remains the same – customers will always want a specific type of item in a specific spot in the shop.
  • You holding? Bear in mind that you can hold multiple items too (see the bottom left of the screen), so you don’t have to keep running from end to end in the store to keep customers happy. Make sure you have the most popular dresses and shoes in your hands and you’ll save yourself precious time in the long run.
  • In stock You’ll also want to make sure you have every item in stock, as it’ll never be certain what every customer will want. Keep an eye on how much you have of each item via the small number next to it.
  • Clean up You’ll want to clean up the booth and show chair area pretty much straight away after a customer has been in it. Otherwise you’ll have prospective new clients waiting. This task becomes a little easier once you get an assistant a few levels in too.
  • Multi-task It’s tempting to sort one issue at a time, but it’s actually possible to get Angela to perform multiple tasks in a row. You do this by tapping what you want her to do in order. So you can have her fix a client’s dress, restock the shoes, and collect payment from a customer in one quick blur just by tapping those tasks in order. This saves you vital seconds that in later levels is essential in making sure you keep all your customers happy.
  • Help out Between levels you can buy items to help you out in-store – from scented candles to comfier foot cushions. Make sure you initially choose items that will help you make more money primarily – as doing this will allow you to get every item quicker, including the more cosmetic ones.
  • Keep it green There will be certain tasks – such as coming up with new dress ideas – that will be time sensitive. These will be marked out with a green exclamation mark, so try to do these straight away if possible.
  • Mouse trap Those mice are easy enough to spot in each level at first, but they can be tough later on – especially when there’s several customers milling around. With this in mind you may want to turn the sound up if there’s a specific mouse you can’t find, as they do make a noise when they appear. They’re well worth catching too, as they can help unlock bonus stages that can enable you to grab valuable extra points and special items.
  • Customer satisfaction Certain levels see you attempting to impress a certain minor fashion celebrity. In these make sure you focus primarily on their needs, as although you may annoy standard customers – they ultimately won’t make as positive a long term impact on your business as kissing the feet of a fashion influencer.

Check out Fabulous Angela’s True Colors for yourself via both the App Store and Google Play.