A matching puzzle RPG from Ludia Inc. based on the How to train your dragons films is easy to learn, and rewards strategic thinking. Let’s break it down into the main aspects of the game.

Match 3 is a self-explanatory puzzle and a great place to start, but there are a few things to keep in mind to win your battles. The pieces fall upwards, not down, and where exactly they shoot upwards matters greatly. Matches deal damage to whatever dragon is directly above, so planning moves to avoid wasted matches is imperative. The different colours work as elements too, this means some attacks do more than others, as shown in the small image top left of the fight screen.

Build the right team for the job, their elements and strengths will let you down if you don’t choose well. When buying or levelling up dragons make sure to have a mix of elements and don’t be afraid to use weaker ones as ‘donations’ towards improving your core team. Dragons have a variation of power moves, know what these are by testing them out early in the easy stages. Having a healer on your team can be a literal life saver in the huge fights.

This fight club has more than one rule: know them all. Once the fight begins each turn needs to be planned, you usually can’t wing it (sorry). Make the moves that result in the displacement of the most tiles, sometimes that means sacrificing a move now to create a special piece in the next turn. The special pieces have gold borders, these also indicate what direction their power shoots off in. sometimes you will have to make a move that does no damage to the dragons above, in this case check your team, see who is closest to having a power move as indicated by the yellow line, and use the move to collect tiles of their colour. Any power move activated by tapping on one of your glowing dragons does not count as a move, so hold onto them for tough turns.

Stop in at home using the centre button, there is always something going on there. Here you collect cash for hatching new dragons, and fish used for training them. You can also check in on the hatchery, start and collect rewards from quests, and see your current energy level displayed as lightning bolts.

A few other details to note: on the pre-fight screen there is a small image top-right that shows the recommended element to bring, don’t panic if you can’t, so long as your team is strong. If you fail a level it’s not good value to spend runes to keep going, instead spend the two lightening as they refill over time. If in a boss fight however, buying straight back into the fight is advisable as the boss restarts at the lower level of health you achieved.