Ball Mayhem is a one-touch American Football inspired game where the aim of the game is to score as many touchdowns as you can. Sounds fairly normal right, wait until you get a look at the different balls you can play with. That’s enough about balls, let’s get right into the tips!

I’m open, I’m open!

If you are a fan of American Football or games like Madden NFL, then you’ll know all about scoring a beautiful touchdown. Well, in Ball Mayhem things are a little different. There are no downs or player positions, just two squads fighting for the ball. Once you’ve got the ball, the only way to score a point is to make it to the opponent’s end zone.

The game starts with a dead ball where three of your players (you included) and three opponents scramble for the ball. Once you have the ball, you can’t pass or make a run to receive the ball. You can only block other players or run for the goal line.

Tips and tricks

As I mentioned, you can either be a blocker by protecting your teammates from being tackled. Or you can be a runner and try to score a touchdown yourself. Either way, following these tips, will have you be MVP in no time.

  • Duck and dip. We’ve all seen the 50-yard passes and insane catches that make it to the plays of the week, but in Ball Mayhem things are different. To score you will have to go on an insane run where you dodge and weave between countless defenders. So get used to sudden jerky movements and cutting backwards to get clean air to run into.
  • You go faster without the ball. When you’re in possession of the ball, you are easier to catch by opponents. So don’t be naïve and think you will make a 40-yard run without being tackled. Be clever with how you move and where you run into.
  • Aim for the corners! There are no kicks at the goal after you score a touchdown, so it really doesn’t matter where you cross the line. As long as you get yourself and that ball past the goal line, you’re all set.
  • Avoid leaving the field of play. The ball cannot go out of bounds in any direction, which means when you run off the pitch the ball won’t follow. Instead, it will drop out of your hands making it easy pickings for the opposition. If you don’t have the ball, then run wherever you like.
  • Go super-fast. When you don’t have possession of the football, or eggplant depending on what skin you are using, then you can sprint as super-fast speeds. You’ll know when you are running at your max when you leave a trail of fire behind you. Use this burst of speed to catch up with play and make a tackle.
  • Block as much as you can. If your teammate ends up with possession, you are not able to tackle them to get the ball. Instead, all you can do is put your body on the line and block any attackers who are coming for the ball.