BitLife is the game where all your wildest dreams can come true. Whether you dream of fornicating with hundreds of different people, or winning the lottery, BitLife has it all. This guide is focusing on one of the most difficult ribbons in BitLife, how to get the Stupid Ribbon.

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What’s a ribbon?

Think of a ribbon as a one-word summary of your entire BitLife. So when you look back through your cemetery, you will remember the type of lives you lived based on this one word. Whether you were stinking rich or a successful serial killer, there is a ribbon for you.

How do I get the Stupid Ribbon?

This ribbon has proven to be one of the most difficult to get out of all 24. This is because, you need a lot of blind luck to go your way, which doesn’t happen in every BitLife.

What do I mean by blind luck? Well, sometimes you will get multiple random events in one life, like bumping into a wild animal or the option to confront other people. Other times these events don’t come up, which means you have little chance to prove your stupidity. Following these tips will increase your chances of completing your ribbon collection.

  • Drop out of High School. Being stupid can start from an early age, so be sure to drop out of school as early as possible. This will restrict your life to the worst type of jobs, which is perfect for a life where nothing is accomplished.
  • Choose poorly with Encounters. Anytime you get a random event pop-up, take a minute to read it and think what a stupid person does. Let’s say you confront your friend about their drug use, don’t stage an intervention as that is a smart thing to do. Other events include stealing bags and keeping the money or petting wild animals. You need to take advantage of any opportunity to prove your stupidity.
  • Be born stupid. This may not sound like much of a tip, but if you are born with a lot of smarts, then this will only make your life harder. You want to start a new life with as low intelligence as possible, and you want to maintain this throughout your life. Ideally, you want to die with below 10% intelligence.
  • Be boring. You do not want to do anything interesting like gambling, fighting or winning the lottery. You also want to avoid prison or any type of violent confrontations. Doing so will cause you to be on track for other ribbons like Jailbird or Scandalous.

Remember, this is a difficult ribbon, probably the most difficult ribbon in the entire game. A lot of features are out of your control so it’s more about persistence. This is not a ribbon you will get on your first go, so don’t give up. Just get good at being stupid, simple!