Finally, Candywriter has released a new update for the incredibly popular and enjoyable BitLife. If you are unaware of the fun that BitLife offers, then I am afraid you really have missed out. Anyway, this guide is focusing on the newest crime you can commit, grand theft auto.

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What is Grand Theft Auto?

At the current moment in time, BitLife has two crimes you can commit. This doesn’t mean that the only crimes you can commit are stealing a car or murder. You can go to prison for many things like drug smuggling, assault or going AWOL from the military.

Committing a crime in BitLife only ever ends up with two possible outcomes. You are caught and have to face the consequences, or you get away scot free. That is no different with the addition of grand theft auto, in fact, there are many variables that can affect your success rate.

How do I steal a car?

  • Choose your car wisely. Don’t underestimate how important it is to choose a good vehicle to steal. If you know your cars, then it’s tempting to pick the one that will return the most profit. The higher the value of the car, the harder it is to steal, so avoid picking cars worth more than $50,000. If you get the chance to steal a supercar, I would not turn this chance down.
  • What cars do I steal? You want to pick the most generic cars possible, so if you recognise the name of the car then try to steal it. It may not return as much profit as other cars out there, but your chances of successfully stealing the vehicle and making money off it increase drastically.
  • What If I get caught? So there are situations where getting caught will mean prison and other situations where you get assaulted for attempting theft. If you get caught in the act, then try to get a good lawyer. Yes, it costs more, but you are much more likely to get away with the crime than if you skimp out on bad attorneys.
  • Why aren’t I making a lot of money? If you haven’t noticed when you sell a stolen car you won’t be able to get its full value. This is because, buying a stolen car is a massive risk, so you lose a lot of the car’s value just because it’s risky to buy it. The higher the value of the car is, the more money you will miss out on when you sell it. A rule of thumb is to expect a third of the car’s value in resale, but take note of the condition of the car.
  • What if I get nervous? Sometimes when you try to steal a car, you will run into some troubles that cause a message to pop up. The message says you are having trouble stealing the car, do you carry on or flee the scene. If you don’t want to ever get caught, then you should flee the scene. But this doesn’t mean if you were to carry on, that you would get caught. Essentially, it’s up to you. You can stay and risk it, or flee and try again later.
  • What if my car won’t sell on the black market? If you successfully stole a vehicle and can’t find anyone to buy it, ditch it as soon as possible. You do not want to be caught in possession of a stolen vehicle then you should abandon that vehicle. You may feel you are losing money, but it was free to steal, so you have actually lost nothing.