Galaga is back! And in super-charged slightly overwhelming form. The original released in 1981 had little in the way of plot – but this reboot changes all that.

In Galaga Revenge you’re part of the United Galaxy Space Force and have to fight aliens. You do this by shooting a lot of bullets at them. Emphasis on a lot.

The original Galaga certainly wasn’t a bullet hell shooter though, so you might find this reboot a little tough to get to grips with – but fear not! Follow these tips and tricks and you’ll be shooting up a storm in no time.

  • Cutting cutscenes In many titles the cutscenes can be useful in helping you get better at the actual game, but that’s not the case in Galaga Revenge. In fact you might want to skip the dialogue scenes between characters altogether. Trust us.
  • Right gem Make sure you grab all the gems you can – small and large – as they appear. They’ll earn you points. Make sure you’re careful with the ones you grab if you only have limited time too – ensure you focus on the larger gems first, then the smaller ones.
  • Max out Maxing out your weapons allow you to access Rage mode, which is every bit as fun as it sounds. Although it only boosts your weapons for six seconds that can be enough to turn a battle in your favour. Try to make sure you use the mode when facing the trickier boss characters too.
  • Nuke ’em high There’s the nuke option while you’re blasting away that clears everything on screen out of sight. You can only use this a limited amount of times though, so only utilise it when you look like you’re almost down and out. Save them up for the big bosses if you can too.
  • Menu madness There are a lot of menus in Galaga Revenge, and we won’t lie – a lot of them are incredibly confusing. The lengthy tutorials don’t help much either. So take some time to look around the map of options and figure out what’s what – as much as you can anyway.
  • Ship shape One thing you certainly need to keep an eye on is whether you can upgrade the weapon elements of your ship in the Fleet option from the menu. Keep an eye on it and make sure you can’t switch out certain parts for superior tech.
  • MOD it up Another element from the mazy menus you’ll want to check on every now and then is the MOD section, where you can see whether you have enough resources to upgrade certain elements of your craft. You may find you have more gems and the like than you realised.
  • A visit a day… Make sure you log-in and play the game every day to get more gems and goodies – even if it’s just a case of entering the app for a few seconds, it’ll all add up.
  • Sign up soldier Yes, going in and playing Galaga Revenge as a guest seems a good idea at first – but this is not a title that is kind to those who want to play it so casually. Signing up for an account gets you various weapon upgrades, so definitely consider avoiding the guest sign in option if you want to progress far into the game.
  • The shard To get new ships you have to gain enough shards, which is easier said than done. Like with modding though, you may want to consider whether you want to buy an all new ship – or just stick with upgrading your older craft.
  • Servers down Sadly Galaga Revenge is one of those titles that requires you have an internet connection to play it. And after it was launched a few days ago it does have the occasional maintenance period – so you may want to keep an eye on the game’s official Twitter account if you find yourself unable to play it for a reason you can’t understand.

Try out these tips and tricks for yourself by downloading Galaga Revenge now, for free on both iOS and Android.