HappyMagenta’s Hit the Light is both the name and the aim of the game, making this extremely easy to learn. The screen will display a neon sign creating a picture with the globes, and all you have to do is shatter them all. Using one finger pull back on the projectile and aim in a way that smashes through as many lights in one go.

Bombs away!

There are three kinds of projectiles, each with a different skill and outcome. Each level will give you a set number of projectiles to use, if you run out it is a fail, but you can either spend gems to continue, or simply retry the level without any punishment. As you progress barriers will show up, these aid you, as it will force the weapons to ricochet many more times.

The first weapon is the 3 balls: pulling back like using a slingshot releases three identical balls at once, and they will ricochet around the screen. On hitting a globe, they will bounce back, instead of ploughing through. You have seven sets per level of these.

The second weapon is the shuriken, or ninja star. Release it the same way and it will bounce around. When it hits globes, instead of bouncing back it will continue through smashing lights, until it hits a solid object like wall or barrier. There are two of these per level.

The final weapon is the bomb, and it’s the hardest to use accurately. The bomb is released in a slingshot fashion to, but it doesn’t streak forwards, instead it is lobbed and explodes on impact. There is only one of these in each level.

Hit it

There are only two tips that really matter and combined you will be flying through the levels up until the mid-80s before you need to really try. First tip: use the projectiles in this order only – Bomb, Ninja stars, balls. Second tip: use each weapon this way, and you’ll never need gems. The hardest part of the levels is the small, close together lines, they need to be managed first up. Aim the bomb at the most light-dense area, or the area with the most detail. A good hit here makes the difference.

Next, the ninja stars need to take out what’s left of the dense detailed areas. If you aim at one area it will clear it, but then most likely bounce off screen and be done. Instead, always aim the stars at the lowest sideways angle possible, first on one side, then the other. This way they bounce all the way up and down again, crossing the greatest area possible. If there is anything left to hit either aim the balls the same way as the ninja stars for random straggler lights or aim directly as the middle ball will follow the aimed path exactly.

Hit all the things

There will be gems, coloured globes or X2 symbols on later stages, always hit them. The X2 and higher multiply whatever projectile hits them instantly and makes any level a cake walk. The globes will turn off the globes of corresponding colour, and off globes count towards completion as if they were smashed. They will still be there, but almost invisible, it really doesn’t make the level any easier or harder.