Dream Hospital for iOS and Android is a simulation strategy game that puts you in charge of your own hospital. Unwell patients will come in, and it’s your job to diagnose and treat them, as well as keep them refreshed and happy. Your aim will be to create a self-sustaining hospital that will run itself while you focus on keeping it stocked with the right supplies, and cure the rarer, tougher illnesses that will come your way. This can become overwhelming very quickly, so if you’re having trouble, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered.

Hospital Layout

Like with any life simulator, how you place your assets will make a very large difference to your Dream Hostipal. You’ll need to think carefully about where you place your offices and props. Here are some key points to keep in mind:

  • Anywhere there are chairs, there will need to be a vending machine AND a rubbish bin nearby to keep the floors clean and your patients happy.
  • Keep your hallways 1 square wide, so you know you’re using every inch of your space.
  • Keep an eye on the Ambulance Icon to the left. That will tell you the most problesome issues plaguing your hospital.
  • Coins will be awarded to you frequently, but Gems and Blueprints will be much harder to earn. Use them wisely!
  • Regular Boxes, Super Boxes, and Epic Boxes are earned faster the happier your patients are. Short wait times and plenty of food and drink will do the trick!
Dream Hospital Normal Box

Common Problems

  • My employees take too long on their breaks! Building a Staff Room will increase the rate in which staff replenishes their energy. Place it near as many of the centres as you can, so they spend less time walking there. Hire more Doctors and Nurses than you need, so you can assign a new one right away if another one goes on break.
  • My hospital is always dirty! Have at least 2 Handymen in each area of your hospital, and make sure to place a rubbish bin in any area with chairs.
  • My queues are so long that patients get angry and leave! Have at least 2 GP offices and 2 Pharmacies, since they are visted the most often.
  • I can’t diagnose my patient! Sometimes, patients can have symptoms that you don’t know how to diagnose. However, you can still narrow it down by looking at the area or type of the symptom. For example, if the mystery symptom is localized in their abdomen, you can rule out any illness that does not have an abdominal syptom.
Dream Hospital diagnosis

Some More General Tips

  • Don’t waste your Gems on reducing wait times. Save them for expanding and buying Blueprints.
  • Never leave the Medicine Shop inactive. Keep all slots filled so you’ll always have stock when you need it.
  • Check the Daily store for Blueprints, or items for your Doctors and Offices.
  • Leave the wait timer for each office alone, even if it’s green. It’s tempting, but clearing the reception queue will only back up the GP queue. Keep them at a steady pace!
Dream Hospital wait timer