The Wicked Ribbon is a particularly grim ribbon to get. In fact, it might actually be the worst ribbon in the entire game in what it asks you to do.

Sure, committing mass murder isn’t great. From a moral perspective, it’s probably right up there as one of the worst things you can do in life.

But it’s not quite as icky as the actions you have to take for the Wicked Ribbon. Besides, if you’ve played any other video games you’re probably well accustomed to the odd bit of murder here and there.

Now that you’re suitably intrigued as to just what the heck you have to do to get the Wicked Ribbon, we’re going to detail it for you. Good luck.

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How to get the wicked ribbon in BitLife

So, how do you be wicked? In real life there are lots of ways. You could play nasty pranks, treat people poorly, or steal things.

There’s only one way in BitLife though, and that’s by getting yourself a lovely STD and then passing it on to as many people as possible. We said it was disgusting!

We recommend playing as a male for this one. While you’ll have more luck getting one night stands as a female, you might accidentally end up getting pregnant and get a different ribbon.

So play as a male and spend your childhood increasing your looks. We’ve written a guide on just this subject, so check that out. Basically, just hit the gym as often as possible and get plastic surgery if you’re struggling and can afford it.

As soon as you hit 18, start sleeping with as many people as possible – but only as one night stands. Don’t get into a relationship.

You’ll also want to avoid having too many lovers as you could accidentally get the Lustful Ribbon. On Reddit, one user reported having about 15 lovers and getting this ribbon so aim for around that.

And that’s it – that’s how to be wicked in BitLife. Just get this one over as quickly as possible and move on with your life.