A lot of time and effort needs to be spent if you want to complete your collection of 24 ribbons in BitLife. However, we can save you some time by telling you exactly what you need to do to get the Jailbird ribbon. If you are unsure what a ribbon is, think of it as a one-word description of your entire BitLife.

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What is a Jailbird

A jailbird is an individual who spends as much of their life as possible behind bars. Whether you spend your life in prison for one crime or get released and go on to commit many. All that matters is you spend as many years as possible in a jail cell.

Another important feature for achieving this ribbon is to die inside the prison. This means you want to avoid escaping prison and don’t appeal your sentence. If you are released from prison, commit another crime and go straight back.

How do I get the ribbon?

One last thing to mention, you want to avoid murdering and even assaulting individuals. When you act violently you earn the Scandalous ribbon. Too many murders and you earn the deadly ribbon, so try to go to prison for non-violent crimes.

  • Commit non-violent offences. The way how to get arrested for not trying to murder your friends or family is to join the army and run away. Once you have enlisted in the army, emigrate illegally to another country and odds are you will get caught and sent to prison. After this, they will deport you home where you will face time in jail for desertion.
  • Never leave prison. There are two ways to ensure you stay in prison forever. The first way is to throw as many riots as possible, which you are restricted to one a year. The second way is to fail as many prison escapes as possible, where you are also restricted to one a year. Repeating both of these activities will ensure you never run down your sentence.
  • Don’t fight in prison. When you assault other prisoners, you will give up all your progress towards becoming a jailbird. Instead, you will earn the Scandalous ribbon. I mentioned this earlier, but it really is important you avoid fighting. It’s annoying to spend an entire life in prison and not even get the ribbon you wanted, trust me.
  • Escape or don’t escape? I have got the Jailbird ribbon and escaped prison, but this doesn’t mean you should do the same. Escaping prison will mean the next time you try to escape, they will double your sentence for being cuaght. As long as you are recaptured quickly, escaping shouldn’t have too much effect.