The Teammate Ribbon is a little bit different from the others as the steps you have to take are very specific. It’s also not clear at all what you have to do.

You’d think generally being helpful throughout your life and working with others where possible would grant you the ribbon. Perhaps you’d have to purposefully take on a job that requires working with others.

But no, that’s not the case with this ribbon. It basically relates to developer Candywriter and you have to simulate a similar life to theirs to get this ribbon.

Don’t worry though, the steps are all super easy when you know how – and we know how. So read on to learn how to get the Teammate Ribbon.

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How to get the Teammate Ribbon in BitLife

Developer Candywriter has headquarters in Tucson and Miami, so to ensure you get this ribbon, you’ll have to start by being born in one of those two locations.

Next up, you need to become an app developer. That involves developing your smarts from a young age and, fortunately for you, we’ve already written a guide on that.

Basically, just study hard as a kid and visit the library at once per year and you’ll be fine.

Now, simply go to university and major in Computer Science. That’s the prerequisite for getting a job as an app developer, so go ahead and do that as soon as you leave university.

As soon as you have a job as an app developer, simulate the rest of your life to ensure you don’t accidentally get another ribbon. You should now be the proud owner of the Teammate Ribbon. Congrats!