Getting ribbons in BitLife is all about living your BitLife in a certain way. Whether you are trying to be as good as physically possible and end up with the Hero ribbon. Or murder as many people as you can which will net you the Deadly ribbon. There is a ribbon in BitLife for everything, this guide will focus on achieving the Rowdy Ribbon.

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What does Rowdy mean?

Being a rowdy individual can mean several things, but in BitLife it can best be described as a party animal. We’ve all heard of the stereotype of the individual who staggers from one party to another hurling abuse along the way. Well, to get this ribbon that person will be you.

One thing to point out before we get into how to achieve this ribbon is that there is a difference between being rowdy and being violent. If you assault people, you will end up in prison which will put you on track for the Scandalous ribbon. So be smart with the options given to you, remember to avoid prison at all costs.

How do I become rowdy?

  • Go clubbing as often as possible. There is no limit on the number of times you can go clubbing in one given year, so don’t limit yourself to just once. When you get older, you won’t be allowed into clubs because of your age, so go as early as you can in your BitLife. Also, ugly people are not allowed into clubs, if you need to get your looks up, go to the gym or fork out for plastic surgery.
  • Argue don’t fight. I mentioned this earlier, but it is a crucial point to highlight. If you fight people or return punches after being assaulted you can jeopardise your chance of being rowdy.
  • Throw house parties. If you didn’t know this already, after you purchase a house you can click on your assets, then click onto the property and throw a house party. Throwing a few of these in your life will help your chances of getting this ribbon. Be careful how you respond to noise complaints.
  • Try lots of drugs and drinks. When you go out clubbing, you will randomly have an event thrown at you. This event may involve taking a drug or having a new alcoholic drink, accept both whenever you can. Each time you accept a new drink or drug, you will decrease your total health which is important for getting this ribbon. If you live a long life, then odds are you will end up with something other than a Rowdy ribbon.

Just remember, an important part of this ribbon is dying young. So, once you make it to an old age you won’t be allowed to club anymore, which increases your chance of ending up with a ribbon you didn’t want. Try to lower your health bar as much as possible and do little to improve it. Also, don’t bother going to rehab to cure any addictions, just let them pile up. As they say live fast, die young.