If you are unaware, there are 24 different ribbons to aim for in BitLife. A ribbon is awarded at the end of your Bitlife which summarises your life into one word. For instance, if you were an aggressive individual, then you would end up with the Scandalous ribbon.

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How do I get ribbons?

There are many ribbons in the world of BitLife, most of them are genuinely difficult to achieve. If you wanted to achieve the loaded ribbon, you could either take up a high-paying job as an actor. Or you could get lucky and win the lottery.

Most ribbons have multiple ways of being achieved, some ribbons overlap regarding how you achieve them. An example of which is the Scandalous and Jailbird ribbon. Both ribbons involve aggressive behaviour and going to prison but, to get the jailbird ribbon you should avoid murdering people. If you murder several people, you will end up with an entirely different ribbon all together, known as the Deadly one.

What about the Wasteful ribbon?

As far as I know, you can get the Wasteful ribbon at any age. All you have to do is click on activities in the bottom right, scroll down to the bottom and click end life. By following these instructions will see you void your chances of getting any other ribbon and you should end up with the Wasteful one.

If you were trying to get a different ribbon, then do not end your BitLife. This will cause you to lose your progress towards achieving the ribbon you are aiming for. Meaning that if you won the lottery and were trying to just bank the Loaded ribbon, ending your life will see you get the Wasteful ribbon no matter what.

If your life is ruined by a long spell in prison and you already have ribbons like Scandalous or Jailbird, then you can end your life in prison and end up being wasteful. To summarise, there is no easier ribbon in the entire game than the Wasteful one.