Everybody dreams of living a successful life, BitLife puts this dream to the test with its ribbon system. If you are unaware what a ribbon is, think of a ribbon as something that summarizes your entire BitLife. Whether you are a drug addict or a lottery winner, there is a ribbon for you.

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Success is easy

The biggest problem you will run into when achieving this ribbon is over-achievement. This is because if you become too successful you will end up with another ribbon like Hero or Rich. So, if you want this ribbon you will have to perfect the art of mediocrity, without getting the Mediocre ribbon.


I know I haven’t made this ribbon sound achievable, but I can assure you it is. There is a few things you need to do and there are certain traps to avoid, all will be made clear in the list below.

What should I do?

  • Pick a decent job. Now I say decent because there are several jobs you could pick which will help you achieve the goal of successful. If you are unsure, then pick a job which has a chance for promotion but not to the point of CEO. Anything standard like bartender, fireman or policeman should be good enough.
  • Have a wife and kids. Having a family is crucial in achieving this ribbon. You want to live a standard life where you are not promiscuous, you have a couple of children and you spend time with them all regularly.
  • Have a car and a house. It’s tempting to buy a top of the line car or a fancy house, but this is not needed to achieve this ribbon. You want a decent car and an average house. A good rule of thumb to follow is a car below $50,000 and a house around $500,000. There is a lot of wiggle room here, so if you can’t afford a half a million dollar house, then anything above a quarter should be fine.

What should I avoid?

  • Don’t gamble. I know that you can be a successful gambler, but that will earn you the High Roller ribbon. You should also avoid playing the lottery, this is because if by some chance you win it, you will earn the Loaded ribbon instead.
  • Don’t go to university. If you go into higher education, you will be able to go into higher paying jobs than just a high school diploma. Some of you may choose a low-paying job with a university degree if you do this you will get the Academic ribbon. Avoid higher education!
  • Don’t join the army. Joining the army, coast guard or any other military service is not good enough for a successful life. If you are good looking you earn promotions quicker, but you still won’t be earning enough to be considered a success.

To summarize, have a normal job with a wife and some kids. Own a car and a house that is not too expensive or flashy. Avoid anything that can compromise your chances of earning this ribbon, so no gambling, drugs and don’t sleep around. Follow this advice and the successful ribbon is yours.