Some games have obscure, artsy titles that don’t really tell you anything about their gameplay, leaving you to trawl through screenshots and app descriptions if you want to know what you’re paying for.

There’s no danger of that with MekaRoyale. Illogical’s latest mobile title is a battle royale game featuring mechs. Job done.

In fine battle royale style, MekaRoyale sees you entering an arena and battling with other human players to be the last mech standing. If you lose, you get diddly squat. And you forfeit your mech into the bargain. Brutal stuff.

But if you win, you earn credits to spend on buying new mechs and upgrading the ones you have. That means the key to success is getting onto a winning streak and ploughing your victory credits into ever deadlier mechs to help you stay on top.

You start the game as a Pilot, with nothing to your name, but as you rack up the victories you become a MEKA player, creating a two-tier battle in which nimble Pilots fights in the same arena as hulking MEKAs.

To level the playing field, Pilots can pick up and use various weapons that are strewn around the map, and they can summon an Exosuit to give them a little boost.

Their greatest weapon, however, is the fact that they have nothing to lose. A downed Pilot starts the next round with more or less the same stuff they had last time, but a MEKA who falls on the battlefield loses everything they’ve built up, injecting a huge amount of tension.

To help out those less experienced players struggling to survive as Pilots, MekaRoyale lets you collect credits in single player missions, so everyone can see what it’s like to be a MEKA.

What you can’t do, however, is buy credits with real cash. IAPs in MekaRoyale as strictly cosmetic, which is just how we like it.

MekaRoyale isn’t out quite yet, but you can pre-order it right now on the App Store or join the open beta on Google Play.