BitLife‘s ribbons celebrate certain lifestyle choices, including sleeping around with as many people as possible or making a fortune from gambling. Either way, whatever life you live there are ribbons to commemorate it. This guide will focus on how to get the Globetrotter ribbon in BitLife, a ribbon that has proven difficult to get.

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Globetrotting means travel a lot

For those of you who don’t know, globetrotting is when you go on multiple vacations and cruises to as many places as possible. The crucial part of globetrotting is to go to as many different places as you can. If you are unsure what different means, then avoid returning to the same country. Although, if you do return to the same country, make sure you visit a different city.


In order to go to many countries, you will need a lot of disposable income. If you have a wife and kids, then each time you take a trip it will cost more, unless you don’t bring them with you. This means you will need to have a relatively well-paying job to finance your many trips abroad. You can take as many vacations as you want in a year, so be sure to go away as often as you can.

Why could get in your way?

Well, it’s a difficult ribbon for several reasons. The first being that in order to go away you will need a lot of income, but this can also be a problem. The reason being that if you generate too much of an income, you can interfere with your chances of getting this ribbon and you might end up with something else like rich or loaded.


Another aspect that makes this ribbon difficult to achieve is getting caught up in a BitLife and getting distracted from your original goal. To get this ribbon, you don’t want to do anything that can put you on track for another ribbon. So avoid spending time with family, avoid drinking and drugs and gambling. You need enough money to sustain your travel across the world and not much else.

One last thing to mention is that it doesn’t matter what class of travel you go on. So it can be an economy or first-class seat, it won’t have any effect. Instead, you need to make sure you visit as many countries and cities as possible.