The raid boss Heatran is one of Pokémon GO’s latest Legendary additions, introduced last week and available until January 15. It’s a seriously powerful Gen 4 tank, with a great typing combo and a potential for greatness in the PvP Master Leagues. When fought, it has a CP of 44905.

Heatran is Fire and Steel type, giving it an almost unfair amount of resistances. Normal, Flying, Psychic, and Dragon will only do half damage and Bug, Steel, Grass, and Ice will do even less at one-quarter damage. It’s only weaknesses are Water, Fighting, and Ground. Ground attacks will deal quatriple damage, so our recommended moveset is Mud Shot and Earthquake.

Best Counters vs Heatran

Kyogre vs Heatran

  • Groudon: If you’re lucky enough to have this Gen 3 legendary, now’s the time to use it. Its high attack and defense will make it great for first position in your party. Use Mud Shot and Earthquake to get both x4 damaged plus STAB to absolutely devestate Heatran.
  • Kyogre: With STAB damage and supereffective damage from its Water attacks, Kyogre is another good pick for a counter. It won’t do as much as Groudon, though, as it’s only x2 as opposed to Groudon’s x4.
  • Rhyperior: This one is a great counter to many pokemon due to its great stamina stat, which is higher than even Groudon’s. Not only can it learn Ground moves, it can also learn Surf, which will quickly put Heatran in its place.
  • Swampert: If Mud Shot isn’t proving as fast as you’d like, try out Water Gun! This move will give you some tasty STAB damage as well as being super effective.

Other notible pokémon are Rhydon, Flygon, and Golem, all of which can learn Mud Shot and Earthquake.

Heatran can be caught at a CP level between 2058 – 2145 under normal circumstances. If you find it in Sunny or Snowy weather you will unlock its Level 25 encounter, which will be a harder fight but will reward you with a Heatran between 2573 – 2681 CP. It’s not a good idea to attempt a duo against this beast unless you’re level 35 or even higher. We would suggest a group of 5, or 15-20 if you’re a lower level. This one is quite the tough customer!