BitLife has 24 different ribbons, each of which celebrates a unique lifestyle choice. Whether you lived a life earning a lot of money or a life where you reproduced a lot, there is a ribbon for you. Although there are many ways to commit a murder in BitLife, most of these ways result in failure and incarceration. This guide will tell you the best way to commit murder and how to get the Deadly ribbon.

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The Deadly Ribbon

If you are unaware of how you get this ribbon, you will need to commit a lot of murders. To be classified as deadly, you will need to commit at least two murders. Whether it is your family or total strangers, it doesn’t matter who you kill, all that matters is the number of people you kill.


Some ribbons in BitLife are affected if you go to prison or get caught after escaping from prison. I can confirm no such variables can affect your chance of getting this ribbon. This means that if you get caught after one or two murders, it will not stop you from getting the ribbon. All you have to do is escape from prison and commit another murder, if you fail then just repeat the process. The more times you escape and murder the more likely you are to get the Deadly ribbon.

How to commit the perfect murder

Many people read the funny names of how you can murder someone in BitLife, and they get distracted from how effective each method is. For example, stairway to hell is a great name but pushing someone down a flight of stairs is likely to end in failure and incarceration. Think about it realistically, it would have to be a big staircase to kill someone, so most of the time they will survive and call the police.


A much more effective method of murder with a significantly higher success rate is to club them. Clubbing a random person is good, but it’s not the best. If you have a driver’s licence and a car, you could choose the drive-by method. The drive-by is the most reliable way to murder, but it still isn’t a 100% success rate. It is way more reliable than strangulation or electrocution as both of these tactics rarely ever work.