For many of us, the festive period is full of shiny new surprises including new mobile phones and tablets. What better way to enjoy your brand new device than with top-notch quality mobile games. So we at Gamezebo have compiled a list of great mobile games perfect for your shiny new iPhone or Android. Enough faffing around, let’s get on with it!

Monument Valley 2

Monument Valley 2 is a stunning isometric puzzler where your point of view is the key in solving levels. The aim of the game is simple, guide a mother and her daughter through the complex and convoluted world of Monument Valley. The visuals and audio in this puzzler will tug on your heartstrings and put you in the mood for some festive cheer.

There are several puzzle games out there, but few of them tell a story with as much charm and finesse as Monument Valley. Don’t worry if you have not played the original from 2014, the story is standalone. This adventure is brand new and is set in a different world, so you won’t need to play the first one. Although if you enjoy this game as much as we did, then I am sure you will go back and have a look at the 2014 game of the year, Monument Valley.

The Room: Old Sins

From one captivating puzzler to another, The Room: Old Sins is a stunning 3D puzzle game where once again the story is one of its USP’s (unique selling points). For those of you unfamiliar with The Room series, exploration and challenging puzzles go hand in hand. In The Room: Old Sins you will spend a lot of your time following obscure clues and exploring unsettling locations. So if you can handle the suspense, then this really is the puzzler for you.

The Room: Old Sins combines the simplicity of mobile gaming controls with the elegance of a well designed entertaining story. What this means for us players is that we can enjoy console quality gameplay on our mobile devices. If you ever played the first few Resident Evil games, then you will know all about captivating stories. The Room: Old Sins brings the best of both worlds with tons of gameplay and simple intuitive controls. It’s easy to log a silly number of hours on this adventure.

PUBG Mobile

If you were lucky enough to get a new smartphone or tablet this Christmas, then your device can do PUBG justice. For those of you unaware, PUBG is a Battle Royale type of game where you are against 100 other individuals. There can be one winner, whether you are a squad of four or just an individual, there is only room at the top for one chicken dinner.

But that’s not all, there are many other game modes to try your hand at besides just surviving longer than 100 people. With that being said if you are a competitive individual then PUBG Mobile is the one for you. There are four maps to try your hand at, one based in the desert, one in the snow, one in south-east Asia and another in the deep forest. There are hours of fun to be had in the world of PUBG, whether you can convince your friends to squad up with you, or whether you take on the world by yourself, PUBG has it all.


I know we have mentioned two other beautiful puzzle type games, but it wouldn’t be complete without Gorogoa. If you are a fan of charm, then the hand-drawn graphics of Gorogoa are sure to captivate you and entertain you. This is another wonderful example of the progression of mobile games as fabulous graphics and creative puzzles go hand in hand, in this adventure.

If you are a fan of puzzle games, then Gorogoa is what you have been looking for. It brings new ideas to the table that the previously mentioned puzzlers don’t. The hand-drawn elements really make this game a work of art and a true labour of love. If you can appreciate the beauty and head-scratching puzzles, then Gorogoa is the one for you.


Fortnite is similar to PUBG in terms that it is also a Battle Royale where 100 people are between you and that glorious win. If somehow you haven’t heard of Fortnite and its global following, it brings a lot to the table just like PUBG does. Whether you like to look the part when you take on hoards of enemies, or whether you are rocking the default skin, there is room in Fortnite for all.

Fortnite brings in more advanced features than PUBG, including a building system where you can build your own cover. This means you can build your own forts or build up and take over someone else’s. The building system brings a whole new element into the mix when thinking about a battle royale situation. Plus, with the recent introduction of the creative game mode, you can let your creative juices run wild and design whatever you want.

Still not convinced, PUBG Mobile and Fortnite are both free to play, so why not try your hand at both before deciding on a favourite.