RPG Soul Seeker: Six Knights is the sequel to 2015’s Soul Seeker, and is bigger and better than its predecessor. Naturally that means it’s a more complex game, with battles being more strategic, richer, and more intense.

Have no fear though if that sounds a bit much for you. Follow our top tips below and you’ll have a more than firm handle on the action.

  • Understand the story – If you want to enjoy and succeed in Soul Seeker Six Knights, it’s worth immersing yourself in the story. No – we’re serious. The plot starts with 5 gods creating a world called Hermes – but they end up fighting between each other for control of it. They subsequently become remorseful for their aggressive actions, and seal themselves within a set of Soul Stones. The game revolves around you recovering all of these stones and restoring peace to the land.
  • Choose your role wisely – There are six roles to choose from – Tank, Fighter, Assassin, Marksman, Mage, and Support. Make sure you study each one’s strengths and weaknesses and decide which one best fits in with the way you want to play the game.
  • Elemental power – There are five elements at play in the game, with each hero belonging to one. Namely Fire, Water, Air, Light, and Dark. Each is strong and weak against other elements – like an expanded game of rock, paper, scissors. Bear this in mind when facing up against your foes.

  • Level up – Your heroes evolve the further you progress, so don’t give up on them! Each character has six quality levels – from one to six stars – and you can combine heroes to upgrade their tier.
  • Mad Skills – Every hero has up to five skills too depending on their star level. One to three level characters have three skills, four star heroes can use 4 skills, while five star avatars can use up to five skills. The lucky devils.
  • Hero expansion – You can gain new heroes – something you’ll definitely want to do to progress to the latter stages of the game – by acquiring specific amounts of Soul Stones in the game.
  • Max it out – The maximum amount of heroes you use in a battle is six. Three as part of the primary team, and three as part of the secondary unit. Make sure you employ six whenever possible, as there’s no reason to go into battles unnecessarily short of back-up.

  • Tag team – Make full use of your team through the Tag System. When the tag gauge is full you can tag your secondary team in for your primary group – this is hugely helpful if your first group of characters is struggling. When the new heroes enter they’re invincible for one second too – use this to your advantage!
  • Equip it – There are a total of 270 items you can equip your characters with, so make sure you keep your heroes well armed – as just one minor outfit alteration can make the difference in battles.
  • Full makeover – Make sure you keep every element of your outfit up to date too. There’s a range of weapons, body gear, gauntlets, boots, and rings to choose from.

  • Class kit – All except the ring follow a range of quality levels – Common, Rare, Ancient, Legendary, and Set. You can combine pieces of kit to to upgrade them too.
  • Stat watch Keep an eye on the stats of kit – as an Equipment’s stats may differ even though it is the same equipment.
  • Rune rules – There are 135 runes in Soul Seeker: Six Knights, and they come in three quality levels – Low Class, Middle Class, and High Class. You can combine to upgrade them, and you can equip more depending on your heroes’ levels.

Use these tips for yourself and download Soul Seeker: Six Knights on iOS and Android now.