It’s funny how gaming franchises sometimes cut back on features as they evolve. For example, Run 3 – a quirky 3D auto-runner starring an adorable alien – may have two modes and a raft of unlockable characters, but it doesn’t have something Run 2 has.

And that something is a choice of characters available from the get go, one with skates on and one without. Otherwise the two games have everything in common, as you’d expect.

Run 2 is a tricky but supremely intuitive casual arcade game about helping an alien to avoid crashing into things. The things you have to help him avoid crashing into are protruding surfaces on a sort of assault course floating in space.

You move left and right with the cursor keys and jump with space, and you can play Run 2 here. Interestingly, jumping or running against a wall swivels the screen around so that the wall becomes the floor, making the field of play truly three-dimensional.

This also makes for some fiendishly difficult stages, as you need to navigate along broken pathways on four different orientations, often while pulling off pixel-perfect jumps to avoid tumbling away into the black void of space.

You’ll soon find yourself gritting your teeth in determination and settling in for your twentieth attempt at a particularly tricky stage.

And because there are two different aliens to play with, each of which handles differently from the other, the challenge is effectively doubled.

Fortunately, you can make things easier for yourself by tweaking the speed in the settings, from normal all the way up to fast. Other adjustable settings include framerate and quality.

If you’re feeling particularly intrepid you can even roll up your sleeves and create your own level, setting the width, length, color, and block size.

Or you can load an existing level and adjust it, maybe adding a block or two of pathway to that killer jump at the end of the stage to make it easier. If you’re a wimp.

You can play Run 2 for free right now on Poki.