Who are you? Why are you running through a giant dilapidated cylinder in space? And what the hell is going on with gravity?

These are just some of the questions that won’t be answered during your time with Run 3, the latest in the casual arcade endless runner series on Poki. Fortunately, you don’t need answers when you’re having fun.

The goal in Run 3, like the game’s title, couldn’t be simpler. Playing as a stumpy little alien that looks a lot like Oh in the movie Home, you have to run as far as you can through a 3D tube.

Dotted around this tube are gaps. Fall through one of these and you’ll plummet through space towards some sort of mind-bending wraparound gravitational centre. Some parts of the surface of the cylinder are fragile, too, so that as you run over them they crumble away.

You run automatically, just like in Temple Run, and you move left and right with the cursor keys and jump with the space bar. Moving in either direction swivels the whole cylinder around when you play this game here.

There are two modes in Run 3 – Explore and Infinite. Explore sees you working your way through the levels to see what you’ll discover as you run deeper into the mysterious space cylinder.

Infinite is a classic endless mode, where the aim is simply to last as long as you can in an attempt to beat your own high score.   

There are achievements, too, for pulling off such feats as getting to level 40 in Explore mode without dislodging any tiles, or, conversely, by dislodging 700 tiles in total.

These achievements give you something fun to aim for, as do the numerous unlockable characters that you buy with credits earned through gameplay. These characters come with their own special powers, like self-duplication, speed boosts, and the ability to run on empty space.

Run 3 may be a little bit bizarre on first inspection, but give it a go and you’ll find it has hidden depths, as well as some super slick casual gameplay. Check it out for free on Poki.