Like many of the successful games on the App Store, Go Fish! is not a complicated game. At least on the face of it. You cast your line by tapping the screen, and then try to catch some fish.

However there’s hidden depths (get it) to this title from Kwalee. So cast your eyes to our tips and hints below to make sure you catch  the biggest and best.

  • Keep swiping You can keep your line still, but it’s often better to swipe the line around to gain the attention of the fish. It’s not a foolproof strategy, but it’s worth knowing that you can’t treat this game like real fishing – that way madness lies.
  • Upgrading You get the chance to improve your fisherman by putting the in-game cash towards three separate elements – Net Size, Offline Earnings, and Depth. To achieve the greatest success we recommend you push funds into all three equally – rather than throw it all into one. Unbalancing your fisherman can have disappointing results.
  • Prioritise Also stick to funding upgrades in a specific order. So if you’ve just completed a fishing run for instance we’d recommend sinking some funding into that first upgrade path.
  • Offline earnings This may seem a worthless thing to throw funds into at first, but getting all that sweet cash while you’re not playing will really help you out – particularly the further you progress.

  • Trophy life There aren’t too many options in Go Fish!, but we would recommend you check out the Trophy Room – which you can access from the top left corner of the title screen. Here you can see which fish you’ve claimed – and a result the ones you haven’t. You can do this by scrolling to the bottom to see the more monstrous aquatic life you are yet to encounter.
  • Golden pond It’s not a great shock, but the golden and rainbow tinted fish are by far the most valuable. What might shock is that they appear at any depth. So keep your eyes super peeled for these glittering blighters, as they will increase your earnings by a massive amount.
  • Target the unusual Any fish that are out of the ordinary, make sure you go for them. Even though they may not end up being worth much it’s always worth seeing which new fish are worth a bundle – and which ones aren’t.
  • No ads If those in-game ads just boil your blood too damn much, then it may be worth considering turning your internet connection off while playing – the game will still be the exact same, except for you won’t have random other games being rammed in your face every few seconds. Win?
  • Video ads However! Yes we all hate ads – nobody here is arguing that. But Go Fish! is another game that makes watching ads somewhat worthwhile. Watching them will double your earnings, which is certainly nothing to be sneezed at. We know the ads suck, but it’s worth it, trust us.

Try these tips out for yourself by downloading Go Fish! for free now, via both the App Store and Google Play.