What would you do in a zombie apocalypse? Of all the hypothetical questions in history, this is the most fun to answer, and many a group of friends has passed a happy evening debating the best survival strategies following an unexpected zombie outbreak.

Clash of Empires: Zombies War lets you experience this scenario in real-life. Sort of. Via the medium of your mobile phone screen you can see what it’s like to fend off a powerful, well-organised horde of zombie marauders.

Better still, you can do it as a superhero. That’s right – Clash of Zombies: Zombie War is a game about surviving a zombie apocalypse in the company of Deadpool (or Iron Man, Batman, or the Incredible Hulk, or any one of a 50 available characters).

The gameplay follows the classic Clash of Clans tradition. It sees you recruiting troops, building an empire, and fighting alongside heroes — in this case superheroes.

You’ll need to build a base, work out how to defend it, and slay zombies in their thousands by mastering all of the spells, troops, heroes, and battle tactics at your disposal.

As you play you’ll earn gems to level-up your heroes and legend troops, with upgrades having a visible impact on your units in battle. You’ll also amass tons of loot, not least by taking part in boss battles with your league comrades.

You can join alliances for co-op fun, and you can take on your friends in real-time PvP duels for bragging rights and glory.

Clash of Empires: Zombies War also contains a bit of solo fun to dip into whenever you want a break from the rough and tumble of never-ending total war, whether that be working on your Superhero Book collection or taking on the Zombie Challenge mode.

In a nutshell, Clash of Empires: Zombies War is a fresh new take on the Clash of Clans formula, with more items, more interesting gameplay, and an awesome superheroes-in-a-zombie-apocalypse setup.

Download Clash of Empires: Zombies War for free right now on Google Play and the App Store.