Football Manager 2019 is landing on mobile devices on November the 2nd, and is sporting an all new-look. For a series that has always stuck to a familiar aesthetic this is big news indeed.

It’ll actually arrive on iOS and Android in two forms too. The first being Football Manager 2019 Touch, which is also being released on PC and Mac. Then there’s Football Manager 2019 Mobile.

New look?

Yep, a new look. In fact you can see some of the changes, including the brand new logo, in the video above. The famous ‘Manager Man’ – who featured on every cover of the series up to this point – has also been given the sack, so to speak.

He’s actually being replaced by a manager’s eye view of the pitch. So you’ll head down the tunnel with your players to the dug-out for example – whether you’ll get to pop your head out of a car window during transfer deadline day in tribute to Harry Redknapp is not clear at this point though.

Aside from these changes there will also be “new and improved features” – although we’ll learn more about these in September via the game’s re-launched site.