The highly anticipated hole-based puzzler Donut County is finally due to appear on our screens on August 28th.

Hole lot of fun!

Donut County will be released across multiple platforms, including iOS, PS4, Steam and many more. Notably, there is no sign of an Android release date so it looks like this one is a mobile exclusive to the App Store, for now.

You take control of a hole with the aim of sucking up every item in each level. Start off small and grow until your capeable of consuming the biggest objects on-screen.

Is there a story?

Yes, and a quite a deep one too, pun intended. You play as a racoon who is in control of a mighty sinkhole that is terrorising the local town. Gameplay is told through a group of survivors sharing their experiences of surviving the hole. Each character reveals a different experience which acts as a new level in the game.

Donut County

Why should I get it?

If you’re looking for a physics-based puzzler with a whole lot of fun sunk in, then look no further. Donut County oozes charm and seeks to please its users through its entertaining storyline.

You can pre-order Donut County now from the App Store for $5.00.