If you think blockchain gaming is just a fancy way of saying “Minecraft”, and cryptocurrency is some sort of fake money used by spies or whatever, then buckle in.

We’re going to explain how blockchain and cryptocurrency are behind one of the most exciting gaming stories we’ve come across all year.

It starts with a game called War of Crypto, the trailer for which debuted at E3 in June. War of Crypto is a slick-looking free-to-play PvP RPG that’s coming to PC, iOS, and Android later this year.

It’s based on blockchain, which means the characters and items in the game are decentralized and immutable, like physical objects that you can own and trade. These are represented by ERC tokens — in this case, ERC-1155, the latest and greatest standard.

So if you have, say, an ERC-1155 token representing a sword in a game, then you own that sword full stop, in the real world, just as surely as you own your toothbrush. Got it? Good.

War of Crypto isn’t out yet, but developer Lucille Games has a couple of announcements to whet your appetite.

First, there will be a pre-sale, during which 1500 unique heroes with special skins will be available to buy. Purchases will be in the form of loot boxes, whereby you pay $25 for a random character.

Some of these are worth considerably more that, and once the game begins and potentially hundreds of thousands of new players flood into the market the pre-sale characters will become insanely rare.

For reference, last year a cat in pioneering blockchain game CryptoKitties sold for $117,712.

Lucille Games is taking the unusual step of certifying the value of the pre-sale items by backing them with 300,000 Enjin Con (ENJ), worth $18,000. This Enjin Coin can be retrieved by the owners of those items by melting them down and removing from the blockchain.

Second, a heads-up about the game’s most valuable item, a Dark Dragon with a “Golden Potato” Skin containing 10,000 Enjin Coin (ENJ). That’s $600 in folding money, and there will be just ten of them. Ever. Not too shabby.

This Dark Dragon is an ERC-1155 token, but it will contain ENJ, which is an ERC-20 token, meaning the ENJ will be a cryptocurrency locked inside another cryptocurrency, like a Matryoshka doll made of electricity.

The pre-sale begins on July 28th, and you’ll be able to pay for items with ENJ, ETH, or FIAT. Visit https://warofcrypto.io for more information, and there’s even a Guide available for the title here.