It’s hard to believe that when Fortnite appeared for free just under a year ago that it would become the global sensation we know today. With its ever-growing popularity comes the challenge of maintaining interest amongst a widely diverse community. How do you do that? Well, with quirky and original cosmetics apparently.

Starting on July 24th there will be a limited time in-game event, where you can earn special birthday related cosmetics by completing certain challenges.

Fortnite Birthday event – What are the challenges?

The challenges were posted on Epic Games’ site a couple of days ago. They include: playing matches, dealing damage to opponents, and dancing in front of different birthday cakes. This suggests that an update will go live where 10 birthday cakes will be dotted across the map, and it will be up to players to find them all. After completing these three challenges you will unlock a special reward.


What are the rewards?

Each of the three challenges has its own reward attached like 5,000 XP and a birthday cake spray. However, after completing all three challenges you will be able to unlock the Birthday Cake back bling.

What about Save the World?

Good question. Completing the birthday quest line in Save the World will earn you a new hero, Birthday Brigade Ramirez. You can also earn tickets to spend on birthday llamas which contain heroes and weapons from every event this year.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your pickaxe, download Fortnite on the App Store, and start dancing!

Worried that you’re going to miss the birthday celebrations? Fear not, the challenges will be available until August 7th, giving you plenty of time to party in real life and in-game.