GALAK-Z: Variant Mobile is a mobile action-RPG, but not as you know it. While veterans of the genre will be accustomed to playing games that are heavy on the RPG elements — upgrades, loot, etc — and light on actual action, GALAK-Z: Variant Mobile gives both sides equal billing.

There’s stuff to research, an assortment of currencies and assets to amass, teams to build and finesse, bots and ships to level-up, and everything you’d expect to find in a good RPG, but there’s also a whole heap of highly refined dogfighting action in space.

If you don’t have some pretty serious arcade skills, you’ll struggle to progress.

The massive single-player campaign sees you venturing deeper and deeper into space in search of stuff to salvage, baddies to kill, and relics to prise from the exploding claws of Dark Bot bosses.

Each mission involves steering your way through a cavern complex, in command of either a laser sword-wielding mech or a nimble ship armed with a laser cannon, taking out niggling pirates and more imposing enemies, and then harvesting the scrap they leave behind for upgrades to your own gear.

Every enemy is a crack shot, firing missiles designed to intercept you if you carry on moving in the same direction. You’re up against a whole legion of expert dogfighters, so you need to seriously polish your skills to survive the short missions and take home the relics.

The economy of bots and bot parts and salvage and fragments and crash coins and relics is too involved to go into here, but suffice it to say you always have plenty to occupy you when you’re not in active duty.

That includes a asynchronous multiplayer mode in which you set up a defence force to deal with attacks by other players, and launch your own attacks for ranking points and other prizes. Then there are Leaderboard and Bot Battles to get your teeth into.

GALAK-Z: Variant Mobile looks like that rarest of things, an action-RPG where the action really matters. Grab it right now on Google Play and the App Store.