The rubber chicken is one of the most reliable comedy props in the world, and has been for centuries. It even featured heavily in The Secret of Monkey Island.

ChickenPOP!, from developer Slidesoft, gives you a rubbery chicken of your very own to send high up into the sky on a succession of bubbles, dodging bees, drones, bibles, and killer angels along the way. It’s as crazy as it sounds.

Here’s how the game works. You start by firing a chicken upwards from a cannon. Once it starts falling again, you tap on the screen to create bubbles that the chicken can bounce from.

As you ascend you’ll come across bees, birds, and drones that pop your bubbles and generally get in the way. If the chicken starts falling too quickly, your bubbles become useless and all you can do is watch it plummet to its death.

That’s level 1. Level 2 sees you towing your chicken along from the back of a spaceship, dodging meteors and satellites. Level 3 sees you busting out the bubbles again, this time in heaven, with angels and bibles getting in your way.

ChickenPOP! has a gloriously simple concept, and it’s absolutely hilarious, thanks in large part to the impressive ragdoll physics on display. It probably shouldn’t be fun to watch a chicken helplessly flailing in the air and getting hurt, but it is.

It’s not easy, though. Behind ChickenPOP!’s bizarre playful exterior is a tough-as-nails casual game that demands practice, skill, and total concentration if you want to stand a chance of getting to the end.

Or you can cheat. By forking out a small amount you can unlock all the levels, as well as unlocking new chickens to fling about and getting rid of the ads.

ChickenPOP! Is free to play, so grab it right now on Google Play or the App Store.