Glitch Dash will look pretty familiar to anyone who’s ever played a casual twitch game on mobile or PC.

Viewing the action from a first-person perspective, you have to move forwards through a severe abstract world dodging lethal angular objects and trying not to fall off a strange floating platform.

However, Glitch Dash is a cut above the others in a few ways – and you can play it here.

Firstly, it looks great. From the menus to the in-game graphics, the level of polish is incredible for a browser game. While twitch games can often look a little stark, Glitch Dash is overflowing with understated colour and gorgeous design. And it’s not glitchy at all, ironically.

Each of the eight stages looks appreciably different from the others, too, from the stunning stylised ocean in Coastline to the eerie gunmetal dunes of Neon and the icy mountains of Arctic.

The gameplay concept is very straightforward. Using the four cursor keys to move left, move right, jump, and duck, you have to stay on the floating pathway and dodge a range of different obstacles, including spikes, walls of blocks, mallets that crash down in front of you, and gigantic blades that swing across your path.

Occasionally you’ll come across a tile with a directional arrow on it. These cause the whole level to rotate in that direction, plunging you into a state of panicked disorientation.

However, because the levels in Glitch Dash are not procedurally generated, you can always go back in and have another go at the same course, learning where the pitfalls are and gradually mastering the stage.

Littered throughout each level are gems. You don’t have to pick them up, but they let you buy shields and unlock stages permanently. Plus, let’s face it: you haven’t really beaten a stage until you’ve collected all the gems anyway.

Glitch Dash is a real standout in the twitch genre, and you can find it on the official Poki site. So what are you waiting for?