Life is full of hard choices.

For example, do you carry on your game of PUBG Mobile even after you get home from work, or do you play the original PUBG on your high spec desktop? Do you stick with your favourite mobile RPG, or do you put it aside in favour of a desktop RPG because you prefer physical controls?

Strap in, because we’re about to lay some life-changing news on you. NoxPlayer resolves all of these tough choices by letting you play your favourite Android games on your desktop, with proper keyboard and mouse controls and everything.

It’s not even difficult to do. Step one is to visit the NoxPlayer website and download the client. Step two is to instal it. Step three is to search for the games you want using the app’s online search function and instal them. Bam.

The app is simple, clean, and intuitive to use, but in the unlikely event that you do get stuck there are dozens of tutorials and FAQs on the NoxPlayer site.

They explain exactly how you can bind the inputs in a touchscreen game to physical controls using a simple visual interface, turning things like PUBG Mobile and Lineage 2 into fully fledged desktop experiences.

And they tell you how to record macros like a hardcore gaming pro, binding combinations and sequences of button presses to single inputs to maximise your efficiency and deadliness.

Perhaps most intriguing of all, they explain how to run multiple instances, which means you can have the same game running numerous times simultaneously for sly multiplayer advantage, or you can have a casual time-waster on hand while you wait for timers to tick down.

NoxPlayer has a ton of features to play with, an intuitive interface, and it gives you a new way to play hundreds of thousands of great mobile games, many of which are free, or at the very least cheaper than their desktop counterparts.

NoxPlayer is free too. Download it now, and also check out the official site here.