The funnest activities in life are often the ones you’re not supposed to do, with skidding in a car being a prime example. There’s no good reason to slide around on the road like a runaway fridge, but it sure is fun.

That’s why there have been several games built entirely around drifting, and Drift Hunters is the latest to join this gleefully chaotic genre.

The aim in this free online game is to drive around ten different tracks. At first this is insanely difficult, as you wrestle with the forces of gravity and inertia on a road that feels like a frozen river. The slightest turn will send you into a seemingly unrecoverable skid.

But that’s the whole deal with Drift Hunters. Drifting nets you points, and driving sensibly doesn’t. Once you’re done on the track you can take these points and spend them in a number of ways to improve your chances of drifting for longer and getting even more points.

You start off with a Toyota Corolla AE86, but you can buy a succession of new vehicles, including a Toyota Supra and a 2015 Mustang, among others.

But you can also tune and upgrade the car you have. To upgrade you have to spend money on specific areas of your car, such as the brakes, the gearbox, and the turbo injector. Tuning on the other hand is free. Here you can fiddle with camber, offset, brake pressure, weight, and more in minute detail to get your car into the perfect shape for drifting.

As if all that weren’t enough you can also choose the colour and finish of your car and rims, and choose whether you want gear changes to be manual or automatic.

All this tweaking translates to countless hours of fun as you create the perfect machine for drifting around the tracks and racking up the points.

Play Drift Hunters for free right now at CrazyGames.