Money might not actually make the world go ’round, but it’s not bad to have. In Dungeon Hunter Champions, the currency of the realm is Gems, which are useful for all kinds of things.

Specifically, you can use Gems to summon new Champions to add to your roster. Rare summons grant you a 3- to 5-star Champion and cost 75 Gems (though you can also grab one with one Rare Disc and 10,000 gold). Featured summons are even better, as they give you an increased chance of acquiring a specific 5-star Champion, and those cost 100 Gems.

Gems can also be used to refill your energy or buy more gold, so there’s no doubt that you’ll want more of them if at all possible. Dungeon Hunter Champions is a free-to-play mobile game, of course, so buying them for real money is an option. Not our favorite one, though.

Our favorite would be getting Gems for free, because who doesn’t like free? We’ll help walk you through all the ways you can do exactly that.

Watch a video

Yeah, ads in mobile games can be annoying, but when they get you free premium currency, they’re not quite so bad. In Dungeon Hunter Champions, you can choose to watch an ad and get some extra Gems, and there are two ways to do it.

The first is through an icon that says ‘Free Rewards’ on the right side of the main game screen. The second is through the ‘Free’ tab of the in-game, shop, but either way, you’ll end up at the same screen.

Each video you watch gets you three Gems, which isn’t a lot but does ad up over time. You can only watch a certain number of ads per day, but it makes sense to utilize all of them. You’ll also see that you can watch ads to get a potion, PvP energy or regular energy instead, but if you do, just keep in mind that doing so will still count toward the video limit and thus take away from your number of free Gems.

Hit certain tiers in events

It’s not clear if every event will work in a similar fashion, but at launch, Dungeon Hunter Champions had an Energy Event that distributed awards for hitting milestones for energy spent. The fourth and eighth tiers both paid out a healthy amount of Gems.

And yes, this counts as free too since all you had to do is keep playing. Keep an eye out for similar events as time passes.

Rise up the ranks in the Arena

Once you clear the first board in the Adventure mode, you’ll unlock the Arena. This mode pits your team of four Champions against similar squads put together by other players.

Dungeon Hunter Champions

Though the Arena has its own currency that can get you some sweet rewards, you also can move up the ranks in each Arena season. Doing so means you’ll have a shot at some Champions, plus, you guessed it, Gems.

Complete Daily Quests and Achievements

Gems are part of the reward system for finishing Daily Quests, which are objectives that reset each day, as well as Achievements. These are cumulative goals for things like spending gold, leveling up as a player and collecting certain kinds of Champions.

Dungeon Hunter Champions

You can find both Daily Quests and Achievements in their own tabs by tapping on the ‘Missions’ icon in the game’s main bottom navigation menu.

Play Dungeon Hunter Champions every day

This is possibly the easiest way you can possibly rack up some free Gems: Just play Dungeon Hunter Champions daily, or at least log into the game. Gems are part of the Login Reward calendar, which only advances if you log in daily. Even if you don’t have time to play, simply signing in and keeping the calendar moving toward bigger and better goodies is definitely worth it.