It’s amazing what you can do with a few circles, squares, and other simple shapes. Take Zombs Royale, which uses these basic visual ingredients to depict full scale conflict between 100 combatants on a random, item-strewn battlefield.

Each round starts with you parachuting into the fray, ideally steering your course away from ominous-looking adversaries and towards lovely crates and buildings.

Once you land you have to find a weapon. Well, you don’t have to — you can throw little punches by clicking the left mouse button — but you won’t survive for long unless you’re wielding something that goes bang or crackle.

You move with W, A, S, and D, interact with E, and use the mouse to look around and aim, just like in Zombs Royale’s ultraviolent single-player counterpart Hotline Miami.

The aim is to be the last player standing before the battlefield is cloaked in toxic gas. To do this you’ll need to be a little bit lucky and a big bit skilful.

Lying around the map are crates containing guns and ammo. These guns come in a range of types, such as shotguns, automatic rifles, automatic pistols, and handguns, and you can select them from your inventory with the number keys.

You’ll also find grenades and shields. Every item comes in a range of quality levels, so it pays not only to have a well stocked armoury but to make sure everything you own is top of the line.

All the while a shrinking pool of other players are trying to take you down, so you need to draw on all of your combat skills to stay alive. To improve your odds there are potions you can take to heal and protect you, and bushes to hide in.

Zombs Royale packs a huge amount of variety and challenge into its short rounds, and the random layouts encourage you to play again and again, certain of a different experience every time.

All this, and it doesn’t cost a penny. You can play Zombs Royale for free right now on CrazyGames. You can also check out loads of other cool titles on the main CrazyGames site here!