The developers working on content additions to Fortnite have come up with some pretty creative weekly challenges during Season 3, but perhaps none quite as different as one during Week 10. For five Battle Stars, the game asks you to skydive through a total of 10 floating rings, a challenge that might first have you saying, “Do what now?”

Once you get over the initial surprise, it’s actually pretty cool to be able to do something while getting off the Battle Bus besides just heading directly to Tilted Towers (come on, you know you go there as often as anyone else). The jump onto the map is usually only a strategic art of the game, but the floating ring challenge makes it more than that.

Here’s everything you need to know about how to skydive through floating rings:

  • You can see the rings before the Battle Bus. Unlike some Fortnite challenges, there’s no map for this one, since the rings don’t always appear in the same places. However, the good news is that you can actually see the rings before you jump. Just hold on the screen and look around.
  • The ring colors count the same, but the colors do mean something. Floating rings come in blue and purple colors and both count as just one each toward your total. However, the colors are giving you important information: Purple rings are higher up (meaning closer to where you jump from the Battle Bus), while blue rings are at lower elevations and you’ll have to fall farther to get to them.
  • You can’t get all 10 rings in one match. You should be accustomed to his by now if you’re a regular Fortnite player, but the challenge can’t be satisfied in one match, as you’ll never be able to line up 10 rings on one jump. Expect to have to play five or more matches to knock out this challenge.
  • You must finish the match to have the rings count. No leaving as soon as you dive through a few rings, as you’ll find the rings aren’t counted toward your total of 10. Land and finish, even if that means getting shot by the first player you run into.

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