It’s boring to dress the same for every Fortnite match. One of the ways you can show off your style even before you board the Battle Bus for your latest match is to take advantage of one of the game’s many skins.

What are skins? Quite simply, they are complete outfits that change the appearance of your Fortnite character, thus avoiding you of the relative indignity of going onto the island to fight it out with 99 other players dressed in the default clothes: a tank top, military-style cargo pants and boots. Not that there’s anything wrong with them, they’re just kind of boring.

Skins don’t provide any kind of in-game benefit or stat boost, and are thus purely cosmetic. Still, if you’ve been playing free-to-play mobile games for any length of time, you already know that fact doesn’t mean they can’t be very popular anyway, and indeed, skins are among the most prized rewards and things to obtain in the game at the moment.

Many skins need to be purchased with V-Bucks, the game’s premium currency, which you’ll have to either pay real money to acquire or save up for a fairly long times until you can earn them simply by playing and advancing through each season’s reward tiers. Others are direct rewards from those tiers if you’ve purchased a Battle Pass, which in and of itself costs V-Bucks. Any skin that you can simply buy with V-Bucks can be found in the Item Shop (the shopping cart icon), though the selection there rotates often.


Skins can also be part of sets, which are outfits connected by a similar theme. For instance, the Moonwalker, Dark Voyager and Mission Specialist skins are part of the Space Explorers set, which means they make characters look like astronauts.

To switch skins once you’ve acquire them, simply tap on the coat hanger icon at the top of the Fortnite lobby. Then under ‘Account and Equipment,’ tap the second tab (next to your banner) and you’ll see all the skins you own. Pick one you want to use, tap ‘Confirm’ and you’re all set.

In the interest of not cluttering up this post with tons of pics of the dozens of skins available, we’ll link off to the excellent Fortnite wiki at so you can see each of the dozens of available skins. We will, however, list how you can unlock each skin so you know what you’ll need to do to obtain them. Note that the outfits given out as tier rewards for specific seasons may no longer be available, so those are the ones you’ll want to prioritize. Also, not all skins are available on mobile; we’ll do our best to point out which ones aren’t.

Without further ado …

Fortnite skins list

(current as of April 24, 2018)

Exclusive skins

Season unlocks

800 V-Bucks


1,200 V-Bucks

1,500 V-Bucks


2,000 V-Bucks