Rival Crimson X Chaos is a new arena strategy game that pits two teams against one another for control of three towers. The teams are created from eight-card decks that each player can set up, with each fighter costing a set amount of the player’s constantly-regenerating mana. It’s a simple enough concept to grasp once you pick up the game, but the intricacies of strategy you’ll need to make it past the first few ranks can be tricky to master.

To help you get started, here are some basic tips and tricks for Rival Crimson x Chaos:

rivals: crimson x chaos

Know your roster

The best thing you can do to give yourself an edge in the arena is get to know the characters you’ll be fighting with and against. At the start, you’ll largely be up against the same ones you have in your deck, with more fighters unlockable as you level up.

This means that you can learn a lot about your opponents simply by learning about yourself. Read up on the different fighters as you plan your deck, and get accustomed to countering their respective strengths and weaknesses. Know the difference between tanks, ranged damage dealers, melee fighters, those with lots of health and those with little. This knowledge will help you make quick and smart decisions in the heat of battle.

rivals: crimson x chaos

Balance your team

Knowing is half the battle, but actually putting a deck together is another important part of it. You have eight slots to fill with fighters, and you’ll want a minimum of two tanks, possibly three or even four depending on your strategy. You also want a good balance of ranged and melee fighters to deal with the different types of attacks you’ll face. Don’t stack your deck with all of one type of fighter or you’ll find yourself wiped out quickly.

rivals: crimson x chaos

Fast track to the center

To win the match, you need to take all three towers, or more towers than your opponent when time runs out. You can also win by taking your opponent’s central tower only, something that is all but impossible if you don’t knock out one of the side towers first. It’s still difficult, though, with one up, as the remaining side tower will continue to do damage to your team.

If you’re obviously on the losing side, it’s worth it to try and take out at least one tower when you go down–two if you can. Towers yield stones that accumulate for free tomes, which can help you level up and come back stronger next time.

rivals: crimson x chaos

Finish quests, but save your gems

Finish your daily quests as much as possible to horde gold, as you’ll need it when you want to upgrade. As you log in daily and win matches, you’ll also earn tomes that open for new fighters and upgrades for current ones.

Resist the temptation to insta-complete tome research with gems, as you’ll want to save the gems to unlock rare fighters in the store. It can seem agonizing to wait for those tomes to open, especially if you win often, but try to hang in there if you want to continue free-to-play.

rivals: crimson x chaos

Join a Guild

Rival Crimson x Chaos is not a single-player game. But it’s also not entirely competitive. Once you reach level 3, you’ll have the option to join a guild. You should do this as soon as possible. Not only do you get access to extra quests, but you’ll also get access to a community of people who know the game well and will hopefully be willing to offer advice and direction on how to counter specific characters and build new decks. Check in on what strategies they are using and try them out for yourself.