Gamezebo are still at GDC! We’ve roved across those in search of interesting new titles and projects, and found the following…

Jetstream (Clockwork Acorn)

A delightfully presented puzzler that has you pushing a plane around an increasingly trouble sky-scape. It’s already out on Steam, but a mobile version is landing (get it?) soon. It seems a perfect fit for mobile devices, so this is one to keep your eye on. You can check out a demo here.

Rumble Heroes (Carbon)

A mix of Clash Royale and Street Fighter wrapped up in 80s aesthetics, this is a game that’s currently searching for a publisher. So if that description sounds right up your alley – and you’re a publisher – why not give Carbon Incubator a ring?

Dotra (Eternal Wonder)

Basically this is Simon, but with trippy visuals. It also gets incredibly difficult. At least for me. It’ll arrive on iOS in April, with an Android version coming at some point later.

Starlit on Wheels (Rockhead Games)

Unfortunately being developed just as Mario Kart is about to arrive on mobile, this is still a quite adorable karting racer aimed at a younger audience. It even has a very easy to use track builder. This one will be pootering onto iOS and Android devices in May or June.

Arcanium (Supercombo Inc)

This card based battler is arrive on Steam and mobile in September – and looks to one up other titles in the genre by including a realtime element to battles.

Ninja in the Dark (Purple Tree Studio)

This game sees you slashing away at enemies in the dark – you have to remember where they’re placed before the light goes out, then you hack away. A simple but effective little time-waster, with no release date in place just yet.

Don-Key-Ko (Internet Donkey)

This title from the unfortunately named Internet Donkey combines chess and tic-tac-toe to mildly entertaining effect. It usually costs $7.99, but is free to download for a short period (download).

BroomRacer (Fuzzy Logic Studio)

This AR title is an intriguing one – it utilises AR technology for mini racetracks you can compete on to appear in real life in front of your very eyes (well, via your phone’s camera). This one will be out on mobile in three or so month’s time.

Beholder 2 (Alawar)

This atmospheric adventure looks like a highly ambitious title that’s worth keeping tabs on. It’ll arrive on iOS and Android in November or December – but will be available on Steam a month or two before that.

Unnamed project (MeeWow Games)

A project so secret I can’t even reveal its name, this is a title that aims to revitalise the arguably stagnant clicker game genre. Certainly one to keep you eye on in the coming weeks this. It’s tentatively called Car Clicker and more details can be found here.

Super Phantom Cat 2 (Veewo Games)

A sequel (duh!) to the very successful Super Phantom Cat, this looks like more of the same – but considering the quality of the original that’s no bad thing. The Switch version was being demoed at the show, and played very well indeed.

Creating even larger gaming worlds (Improbable)

I spoke to Bill Roper of Improbable about how theire new engine can allow developers to create much larger and more detailed game worlds than we see now – and possibly change how ambitious developers can be with games in a range of ways. Exciting stuff.

Stay tuned for further updates from Gamezebo at GDC later this week! You can also check out part one of our coverage from the show here.