You’ve almost certainly heard of Crossy Road, because it’s one of the biggest mobile gaming sensations of the last five years, but here’s a primer for the uninitiated.

Crossy Road–originally developed by Melbourne studio Hipster Whale–is a gorgeous modern take on Frogger. You play as a variety of different blocky 3D characters trying to cross a never-ending series of busy roads, waterways, and train tracks.

If you miscalculate, hesitate, or just plain run out of luck you’ll be abruptly smashed to pieces by a speeding vehicle, drowned in a canal, or even picked off by a hungry bird of prey.

Along the way you’ll pick up coins, and every time you save 100 you get to pull the arm on a one-armed bandit for a bonus–either some more coins or a new character. You’ll also get free gifts for reaching certain distance milestones.


All of this makes Crossy Roads addictive in three ways. Not only do you have the incentive of saving up coins and racking up metres, but there’s the sheer joy of jumping back in again and again for just one more go.

There’s no denying that Crossy Road is a modern classic, with simple yet incredibly stylish visuals and gameplay that retains the timeless arcade spirit of Frogger while bringing it bang up to date with a few subtle embellishments.

But Crossy Road came out in 2014, nearly half a decade ago. Why are we telling you about it now?

Because the game is exclusively available on casual gaming site Poki, meaning you can now play Crossy Road on Poki through your browser for the first time.

It’s fun, fast, and suitable for all ages. So what the hell are you waiting for? Click on the link to play Crossy Road on web right now.