There’s a concept in psychology known as flow. It’s what happens when you achieve total immersion in an activity, tapping into your ancient reptilian reflexes to enter a state of transcendent focus.

Tunnel Rush is all about flow. This stylish 3D twitch game sees you moving forward through tunnels and along pipes decked out in simple colours and carved up into geometric shapes.

Some of these shapes protrude from the floor as they race towards you, and you have to move left and right with two simple arrow buttons to swerve away from them. The longer you last, the faster you go.

Eventually the pace becomes overwhelming and you slam into a red block, at which point it’s game over. The challenge is to see how long you can last.

Tunnel Rush is a classic high score-chaser and you can play it on Poki for free right now. Every time you die you just can’t wait to get back onto the track, weaving between the abstract shapes as you try to lull yourself into a state of pure flow.

This isn’t the first twitch game with geometric 3D graphics and high score-chasing gameplay that sees you barrelling forwards at ever-increasing speeds, but it might well be the most polished, colourful, and playable.

Unusually for a casual browser game, Tunnel Rush is tough from the moment you boot it up. You’ll be doing well if you last ten seconds, and reaching the first checkpoint feels like a real achievement.

This means you’ve got hours of addictive fun in store trying to improve on your last attempt at surviving Tunnel Rush’s unforgiving, procedurally generated abstract world.