Fans of Final Fantasy who love games on the go have been eating up Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia for weeks now. While it carries the Dissidia name and many of the game’s ideas, it’s not a fighting title. Opera Omnia is an RPG that makes use of some Dissidia mechanics while still allowing all the franchise’s best characters to mingle and save the world again. If you’re just getting started or are having trouble progressing, here are some quick tips and tricks to help you close those portals and bring down the enemy.

opera omnia

Play on WiFi.

Seriously. This game is a huge battery suck, and it also will constantly want to download things as you play. While this is convenient for avoiding huge load times all at once, it can stymie your play if you’re out and about. I also highly recommend connecting the game to your Facebook account immediately. I had my SD card fail on me shortly after the game launched, and having not linked the game to Facebook yet, I lost all my progress. Just check your settings and tell the game not to mess with your timeline, and you’re golden.

opera omnia

Don’t panic over leveling

You’re going to get a lot of characters quickly as you work your way through the story. It’s okay if you don’t raise them all evenly. In fact, everything’s a bit more of a pain if you try, as it takes much longer and gets stale quickly. Later in the game, new characters will level very quickly if paired with stronger characters to carry them, and you can always backtrack and level repeatedly on finished fights if you’re struggling.

opera omnia

Equip it!

Constantly check your equipment on your party and make sure they are using the best things they can. The Auto feature is a great way to do this, and also equips their passive abilities, which are easy to forget about. Aside from this, make sure you’re enhancing equipment when you can and saving up currency for the 10+1 packs of weapons rather than drawing one at a time. You’ll be guaranteed gold-quality items and will get more bang for your buck.

Also, this might go without saying, but don’t waste your resources upgrading bronze-quality gear. Save it and power those legendaries through to Limit Break!

Laziness doesn’t pay

Don’t get complacent and just use Brave/HP attacks on the same three characters to win every match. Try to pick your party based on enemy weaknesses and check new characters to see what they’re good against. You’ll often unlock a new character with skills perfect for the fights coming up immediately after they appear, and you might also need to bring back lesser-used characters later to counter certain enemies. Know your party!

opera omnia

Defensive nature

If a fight is giving you trouble, try forcing your enemy to Break before attacking their HP, then immediately breaking them again when they leave that status. You can avoid a lot of hurt on your team this way. It’s tempting to use HP Attacks regularly and play aggressively to get through minor battles, but boss battles especially require a more strategic touch.

Get all the freebies

Square Enix has been dedicated to keeping the game lively with different events ever since it launched. Beyond that, even the daily login bonuses and mission rewards can have you quickly rolling in currency and gear without ever spending a dime on this game. Make sure you at least check into the game once a day, even if you don’t play much, to ensure you’ve scraped up every freebie available to you.