Everybody loves Where’s Wally? It may not be the most sophisticated concept of all time, but even the most ardent sceptic can’t resist the powerful human urge to scan the page in search of Wally and his stupid jumper.

Hidden Folks is basically Where’s Wally? but more arty and sophisticated, so that you can play it in public without shame. It’s been out on PC and iOS for some time, but this week it came to Android too.

It sees you attempting to find a prescribed set of objects on an intricate, detailed, and achingly cool monochrome screen that looks a lot like a page from Joe Sacco’s The Great War. That’s right – we’re in book reference territory.

Better still, each page is filled with little interactive details – you can unfurl tent flaps, slam doors, and even poke crocodiles.

If you haven’t already played Hidden Folks and you own an Android device (the bigger the better), you might want to check it out on Google Play.

And if you get stuck, check out our Hidden Folks walkthrough here.