Shapes are the global language. Wherever you are, a square is a square and a circle is a circle. That’s what gives Crazy Shapes its universal appeal. And, as games like Thomas Was Alone have already shown, you can squeeze a huge amount of personality into a simple rectangle.

The story goes that the “square form of life” has collided with Lord Chaos. No prizes for guessing what side of the conflict you find yourself on.

Taking up the cause on behalf of nice, regular shapes, you have to complete a series of intricately designed platforming stages, cycling through the shapes to take advantage of their unique abilities. As you play you collect Solar, a currency that allows you to restock your lives and unlock new stages.

There are four characters to control, a booster system to give you a bit of extra help, and a compelling story that ties everything together.

But that’s not all. Developer DP Space has been hard at work making improvements to Crazy Shapes since the game first appeared on the App Store, and the latest update is a whopper.

For a start, the control system has been tweaked so that you can now play one-handed with swipes, rather than two-handed with virtual buttons. As any dedicated mobile gamer will appreciate, this is a big improvement.

The other major change is a complete overhaul of the booster system, reducing the number of boosters and changing the ones that are there.

In place of the Turtle, Doping, Strength, and Ninja there are now Slowdown, which slows the action down at certain points to give you more time to choose the right shape, Magnetism, which attracts Solar, and Shield, which gives you protection as long as you don’t bang into too many obstacles.

You only have to activate these boosters once, and they stay with you for the rest of the level. Plus, you can use more than one at the same time if you like.

Among the other changes are a revised economy, dynamic tips, and the option of resurrecting yourself when you die during a level.

All of this care and attention make Crazy Shapes an unmissable casual platformer. Grab it from the App Store for free right now.