So you’ve started your managerial career in Football Manager Mobile 2018, eh? Congrats! Now all you have to worry about is convincing your star players not to leave, watching your transfer and wage budget, keeping the board and fans happy, and oh yeah, winning. We’re sure you’ll do fine.

As an alternative, you can read these quick tips and make things easier on yourself when you’re just getting settled in. The choice is yours.

Start With a Rich Team

Football Manager Mobile 2018

When you’re selecting a team to manage, it helps to pick one with some cash to splash. Whether it’s Arsenal (though then you might be tempted not to spend), PSG or Barcelona, clubs with money make everything easier.

Don’t Promise the Moon

Football Manager Mobile 2018

One of the first things the board will ask you when you take over is what you think you can accomplish. You’ll be given more for wages and transfers if you promise more, but higher expectations lead to a greater chance of getting sacked if you fail to live up to them. Under-promise and over-deliver is the way to go at first.

Know Your Role(s)

Football Manager Mobile 2018

There’s a crazy amount of depth in the tactics department in Football Manager Mobile 2018, some of which you’ll learn while experimenting over time. To start, you’ll want your best players in their preferred positions and their favorite roles. Look for the star when choosing from tactical roles for any player to see the one most likely to suit him best.

Take Things Slow on the Pitch

Football Manager Mobile 2018

That doesn’t mean playing slowly, though that might be wise with some teams. Rather, the game engine in Football Manager Mobile 2018 defaults to a really fast speed. Tap the gear icon to bring up the ‘Match Settings’ menu and you can set the gameplay to Medium or even Slow until you get your bearings.