Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp will be available on iOS and Android devices worldwide this week, with its official launch slated for November 22nd. Nintendo of America tweeted the release date a few days after the Animal Crossing account (run by Isabelle) revealed the Animal Crossing Friend Finder, a playful quiz designed to help new players discover which animal camper they will be most compatible with alongside a My Nintendo mini-game.

Players in Australia have had access to a soft-launched version of Pocket Camp for almost a month now, which has given us a glimpse of what to expect when the game hits worldwide. There is a lot of item-collecting, request-completing, furniture-crafting, and wardrobe-building. The current version of the game features forty different animals from past Animal Crossing games to befriend—including Apollo, Punchy, Fauna, and more—and tons of adorable interactions to witness as your relationships grow. Animals react to your presence differently depending on the time of day; fish, fruit, and insects are abundant; the trees and grass have slowly changed colors from a rusty yellow to a deep red as it grows colder in-game and in the real world.

It feels very much like classic, laid back Animal Crossing with a few tweaks to make the experience slightly more goal-oriented. We’re looking forward to seeing where Nintendo takes Pocket Camp in the coming year and if it ends up being tied into a console entry as they hinted at back in 2016. You can get ready for the launch by reading up on the game at the official Nintendo site, which features a list of countries that will be included in this worldwide release.