Think of Guns Royale as the mobile equivalent of Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds and you’re in the right kind of area. This is a form of Battle Royale for gamers with players fighting it out within a fast paced arena environment – all in a bid to level up and collect new guns. Bite sized in many different ways, there’s plenty to figure out here.

Gamezebo’s Guns Royale Tips, Cheats and Strategies is on hand to offer you some ideas on how to approach things. Whether it’s useful strategies on how to survive or ways to dodge around the game’s keen Pay to Win structure, we’ve got you covered.

Starting Out

Guns Royale Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • Choose your spawn point wisely. There’s a bunch of places you can choose to start from but you want to concentrate while you pick. Focus on a spot where there are plenty of buildings. Buildings tend to mean good items and a few useful guns along the way.
  • The downside to this approach? Well, that’s what everyone else is probably going to do too. It’s worth the risk but be ready to move quickly and fight the moment you spawn.
  • Running away is a good idea if you happen to spawn right next to someone.
  • Find a weapon as soon as possible. Generally, you want to be looking for bigger and better weapons as you go but any weapon is better than your puny pistol that’s given to you automatically at the start.
  • Each weapon has a different rarity level and, obviously, the rarer the better.
  • It’s a similar story for your clothing too. It might not seem like it’ll make much of a difference but it really does add up. Some will reduce the damage you take while others increase your movement speed. Focus on having some useful equipment at all times.

Staying Alive

Guns Royale Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • Notice the ticker at the top of the screen telling you how many players are left? It’s important to keep an eye on that. You’re going to be tempted to go in guns blazing but that’s not the best idea.
  • Hide in some buildings and keep out the way while the numbers go down. Wait till it gets to a lower number then sneak out and hunt some enemies down. It’s a far better strategy than getting caught up in a mass brawl.
  • Don’t forget to move when the game reduces the map though! If you’re left outside the play zone, you’ll take damage which would be such a stupid way of getting hurt.
  • First aid kits are available if you pick one up. Try your best to have one available at all times. It takes a couple of seconds to activate and only heals about 20% of your health, but it adds up and can make the difference between life or death.
  • Grenades are the killer weapon to have. And hard to find. You can throw them at people or simply drop them behind you. Be warned though – you can blow yourself up with one so be careful!

What’s with the Diamonds?

Guns Royale Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • Diamonds are used to upgrade your attributes such as speed, defense, and ammo capacity. Grinding your way to success is an option but no one’s going to blame you for buying some to get the edge, especially early on.
  • You can always watch ads to gain coins which can lead to diamonds too. It’s tedious but it’s a simple enough way to potentially gain the advantage.