The sun has gone down and some hungry campers are in serious need of freshly roasted marshmallows, perfectly golden and straight from the campfire. It’s time for some Campfire Cooking and the responsibility is on you to provide an array of skewered, smushy sugar pillows, ready to be eaten by your fellow forest adventurers. But, if your limited roasting skills are turning your marshmallows from amber to embers, then check out Gamezebo’s tips, tricks and strategies for making the most of each roast.

Take Your Time

While it may feel like you have to rush to save your marshmallow from the flames, burning is actually only determined by repetition of marshmallow flips, not duration on the fire. So take all the time you need to plan out your moves as you progress across the board. If you get stuck or burnt, you have unlimited undos of moves, as well as full refreshes of each level whenever you want them.

Campfire Cooking Tips, Cheats and Strategies

Look For Clues

First, make sure you note the title of each level because it will give you a small clue (which may be a bit abstract) to help guide how you should move and how elements on the board will interact with one another. If no matter where you move, it seems like your skewers are constantly in the way of one another, find an odd box out, likely in a corner. One section of the grid will likely have a little square with room to spin around which will get one of your skewers off the board and out of the way while you negotiate the others. Getting to this spot might require some creative stick flipping (for wooden skewers only), but you’ll be rewarded with some protection so your other skewers can do their business.

Skewer Dynamics

Pushing one skewer with another will move your skewers, but prevent your marshmallow from flipping. You can move another skewer head on with your marshmallow or by rolling your sticks parallel to one another. Try swinging your skewers around and seeing how they interact with one another and how they can move one another in different ways. Wooden skewers can swing, whereas metal skewers can work with magnets (which will help you with your soup buckets). Occasionally you’ll get little tips on how to work the sticks, but knowing how best to deploy your skewers will allow you to effectively align them on the board before releasing for your strategic flip.

Campfire Cooking Tips, Cheats and Strategies

Keep Moving

Some puzzles have multiple ways to arrive at a solution, so don’t get discouraged by one path that’s not yielding good results. Keep trying different progressions across the board and eventually, you’ll find a combination of moves that will work. With the smaller boards, there will be a lot of limitations placed on where you can and cannot move. Use these limitations to your advantage with process of elimination to help you determine which skewer should move where, and in what order. Similarly, if you burn a marshmallow, you don’t have to immediately restart the level; keep going if you feel like you’re getting somewhere (burns notwithstanding) and restart when you’ve done your research. If you get really frustrated, go back to the menu screen and try out another level within your open campground; you don’t have to do levels in a specific order as long as that campground is unlocked.